Amul deshi a2 cow milk in mumbai

Indian cow breed produce A2 Milk. Daily consumption of A2 milk prevents Obesity, Improve brain function, Promotes digestion, Prevents joint pain, Cures Asthma, Improves immunity, Reduces acidity, Helps in reducing chances of breast and skin cancer.

A2 milk is one of the best natural anti-oxidants that enhances Memory Power and Prevents migraine headache. GoSrushti A2 Milk is available at your doorstep, Fresh and Pure, delivered within 12 hours of milking. The origin of the breed is in the Gir forest region and surrounding districts of Saurashtra region of Gujarat State.

It is a moderate to large size breed. The females average kg with a height of cm and the males average kg with a height of cm. The average milk yield for the Gir is kg per lactation, with a record production of kg at 4.

In Brazil they average kg per lactation, with a world record production of The body colour is shining red to spotted white. Skin is soft, thin, and glossy. GoSrushti Toggle navigation. One of the best natural anti-oxidants.

Improve brain function. Promotes digestion. Prevents obesity. Increase breast milk production in feeding mothers. Prevents joint pain, asthma and mental problems. Promotes good kidney health. Increases immunity. Reduces acidity. Helps in reducing chances of breast and skin cancer.

Detoxifies Body. Enhances Memory Power. Increases clarity of Voice. Helps in reduction against PMS symptoms in the menstruation cycle. Prevents migraine headache. Good for thyroid. Desi cow milk only contains the A2 protein and no A1.

amul deshi a2 cow milk in mumbai

High level of Omega 3 that cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vessels Cerebrosicles present in A2 milk increases brain power. Strontium of A2 milk enhances the body immunity and plotects from harmful radiation. All ordinary milk has a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins. Harmful to human body. Autism, Schizophrenia. Holsteins and Friesians are not native breeds of India. Have a question?Connect to verified sellers instantly. Recommended Categories. You seem to be 'Offline'.

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Sadashiv Peth, Pune.

Gir Cow Amrut Milk - Back To Vedic

Farm Fresh Cow Milk. A Star breed Farms and Dairy Pvt. Ambedkar Road, Kondhwa, Pune.A1 Ordinary Milk. Also almost all branded organic milk today contains milk of only HF and Jersey cows. Only a2 Milk comes from cows with hump on back, they naturally produce only A2 protein beneficial and not A1 — and that makes all the difference.

At Captains Farm, we have only pure Gir Cow. We sell only Gir Cow A2 Milk. Abhishek Merchant Navywho has a passion to provide pure desi gir cow milk to everyone. Taluka : Khalapur, District — Raigad 24 km from Panvel. Reach Captains Farm. Milking is done early morning and we put it into chilling plant to bring down the temperature.

Initially I was skeptical as claims for pure milk is nothing new, but then first look at the first delivery were more than enough to dispel any doubts I had. I am very hopeful that long term effects will soon follow and immunity system for my kids will get a marked boost. This is the minimum that I could have done for my kids.

Thanks Captain for giving me a piece of nature in this concrete jungle. We live in Kharghar Sector 6 and have been taking milk from Abhishek ji and we can vouch by the quality of milk.

The delivery mechanism is soo different and hygienic that it we have not seen it anywhere. Our Products. Rated 4. Select options. No hormones or any injections like Oxytocin are given to enhance milk production. Learn more Fodder is grown by organic method using Jeevamrut to feed cows. What others say about Captains Farm.

Roopali and Saurabh Captain in Merchant Navy. Vijay Kumar Gupta Indian Navy. Vibhu Swami. Previous Next. Follow us on Facebook.Pure Natural Cow A2 Milk. Gokul Farms is harvested fresh everyday from the cows that are fed fresh green fodder.

Completely untouched by human hands, the milk is then lab-tested, pasteurised and bottled on the farm. The bottles are set in protected cool boxes for continuous cold chain and are sent for conveyance in milk vans each morning to serve areas in Delhi with fresh cow milk. Since it's sanitized, the milk can be expended immediately or put away in the refrigerator without waiting be bubbled.

No hassle, only health! Go on, buy fresh cow milk online from Gokul Farm now. Switch to desi cow farm fresh pure milk A2 and experience the difference yourself! Milk is tested in the lab at the farm before it is dispatched for delivery so only the best makes its way to your home. Now you can order fresh cow milk online while sitting your home. Bipin Dwarka The milk tastes fresh all day long which is not the case with other pasteurised milk brands I have been used to so far.

Karan Greater Kailash 1 Very tasty milk. I look forward to drinking it every morning. Soniya Saket My 9 year old brother, Varun, wouldn't drink milk. But things changed after he tried Gokul Farms. Gokul Farms. Call Now! Buy fresh cow milk online in Delhi. Get Offer. Try it now!

amul deshi a2 cow milk in mumbai

Glass maintain the cold temperature for long time and environmentally safest method. Why US. Desi Cow Milk. Farm Fresh. Subscribe online.The samples were taken from milk collection centers, tankers, processing units, local diaries and vendors and tested at notified public health laboratories. In Pune and Mumbai………Barring 15 samples, wherein the milk was adulterated with sugar and edible oil rendering it harmful consumption.

The 12 of the 15 samples found unsafe for human consumption and if consumed milk can be harmful especially to diabetiecs and the others. This family farm is owned and operated by grown up family members and managed under direct control and strict supervision of senior member of family Shri Mahendra Ranchhod Parmar B.

It is a sorry state for us as we could not save more number of original breed of Gir cow in India. Today there are hardly thousand original breed of Gir cow remaining in India. The indigenous breed of cow is easily differentiated by its hump, horn and throat skin which are absent in exotic breeds. Most important of all the difference is that the Gir cows are beautiful in looks and they are full of loving emotions whereas the exotic breeds lack both these features.

When Gir Cow milk is consumed then its loving emotions are transferred to human being. The paper is available www. Regular consumption of A2 milk has shown reduction in autism in children, schizophrenic symptoms, incidence of cardiovascular disease, type-1 diabetes and various neurological, endocrine and immunological disorders. Gir Milk Cow. Back to Vedic. No hormones or any injections like Oxytocin are given to enhance milk production. Milking is done after feeding to calf generously.

Cows will re breaded naturally to maintain high pedigree. No artificial insemination. Cows are not in captivity and are grazing freely for most of the day in our huge organic - natural farm. Green grass is prepared through Hydroponics System without any chemicals and pesticides herbs will be catered to get rich nutritive value of Gir Cow milk. Regular check-up of cows by a professional Veterinary doctor. Our Farm, Close to Mother Nature! People Behind the Project This family farm is owned and operated by grown up family members and managed under direct control and strict supervision of senior member of family Shri Mahendra Ranchhod Parmar B.

Gir Cow. We see in all modern species the hump is practically absent. This Nadi vein absorbs all the energies and radiations from sun, moon and all luminaries from universe and puts them in cow products like milk, urine, dung, ghee clarified butter etc.

This dewlap gives immunity power to cow and cow products. Prominent Forehead: The Vedic Gir cows have prominent forehead of round shape. The non-Vedic once have flat or almost flat forehead. Facial appearance: There is serenity on face of Vedic Gir cows which is absent in those of non-Vedic variety.

Type of Milk. BCM7 has pro-inflammatory, opiate-like properties and has been shown to contribute largely to a wide variety of chronic diseases, including autoimmune conditions, heart disease, autism, schizophrenia and various neurological disorders. Injecting BCM7 into animals caused Type 1 diabetes to occur. Interestingly, the French in their culinary arrogance have always refused to use A1 milk in their cooking because they regard it as inferior.

Curtin research in Australia demonstrates health benefits of A2 versus A1 milk have found milk drinkers could gain digestive health benefits by switching from milk containing the A1 protein to A2 protein.Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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amul deshi a2 cow milk in mumbai

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Ask our expert. Speak your question. Mithai Mate Get Quote.Our farm is an organic farm, committed to international standards of organic dairy farming.

It has been started with a vision to provide superior quality Organic A2 milk products of Indian desi Gir breed Cows. Now, method used to make ghee is also equally important.

We use traditional wooden churner method, where two ways churning action separates the ghee from cultured curd. This method ensures right balance of all fatty acids in our organic grass-fed Ghee. Is Your Ghee. Feel the goodness of our Vedic Ghee, and give your body the essential Nutrition it needs! Our organic pastures are good for. Trust the Nature! A Farm Fresh. Made from organic grassfed Gir cow's A2 milk. Managed by experts and cows are feds only organic grass. Customer support.

All Dairy Products. Add to cart Add to wishlist. Quick view. More information. Pure Hand churned Organic A2 Ghee.

Today all the cream made ghee sold in market are full of chemicals, preservatives.

Why people are willing to pay more for healthy organic milk

They source milk from villages and don't have any control on milk quality. The milk used by these ghee makers has high amount of chemicals, hormones, and pesticides. Pure organic milk is the most important ingredient to make pure organic ghee. What is special about our Vedic Ghee?

We use the milk from our own farm to make the vedic ghee. Amazing benefits of Organic Vedic Ghee. Grass-fed Vedic Ghee increases the digestion of food you eat.

Gir cow VEDIC ghee & A2 milk - AK Organic Farm Pune - 98231 88876 - देसी गिर गाय गौशाला

Its aroma increases the deliciousness of your daily food. Grass-fed Vedic ghee has more concentrated micronutrients and provides you a healthier ratio of Omega-3 to Omega -6 fats. High amount of Conjugated linoleic acid CLA in grass-fed ghee has been proven to have anti cancer properties. April 22, April 22, 0. Here are the basic…. Read more. April 11, 4. What is Organic Ghee? Organic Ghee, so called…. April 8, April 8, 2.

In last one decade, dieticians practicing the ayurvedic healthcare, are recommending…. Kesariya Vedic A2 ghee is pure,organic and good for our health.


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