League of legends low fps on good pc

Not only is this incredibly frustrating, but it can also lead to your character dying if it happens frequently. Not exactly what you want to look forward to when trying to play ranked games and climb the ladder.

How to Increase Your FPS in League of Legends

The most obvious thing to do when you experience a sudden FPS drop in League of Legends is to determine how to fix it. The first thing to do when you start to experience sudden FPS drops in League of Legends is to check what unwanted programs you have open. Most of the programs that are the usual suspects will be things such as anti-virus software, download managers, and web browsers with lots of tabs.

league of legends low fps on good pc

Sometimes, fixing an FPS drop is as simple as making sure you don't have any programs running in the background. The second most common problem when it comes to FPS drops in League of Legends is often your video card drivers.

When new video card drivers get released, this is usually so that old cards can get a boost and maintain their performance levels. Skipping video card drivers can leave you behind and your FPS lagging. Making sure you have the latest video card drivers can often fix lots of FPS problems within games, including League of Legends. To get the latest version of your video card drivers, simply check your graphics card control panel for the newest update or head to the manufactures website.

If updating your graphics drivers and closing any unwanted programs down still hasn't fixed the problem, then you might want to look upgrading your GFX card. Graphics cards are almost solely responsible for FPS when it comes to games. For only a few hundred dollars you can grab yourself a sweet graphics card that will easily hit over FPS consistently. Another common problem when it comes to FPS drops and freezing is overheating on important computer parts.

league of legends low fps on good pc

When you first build or buy your PC, everything is as fresh and as clean as it comes. This dust and debris will often act as insulation and actually warm up your PC which is definitely something you want to avoid. If you do happen to notice a lot of dust, then grab the hoover and start to get rid of it. In the worst case scenario, you might end up replacing your CPU cooler or buying some new fans for your system.

Sometimes your PC will start playing up for no obviously apparent reason. Maybe last week your PC was working fine as you climbed to Diamond, but now suddenly it's not so smooth. A useful trick is to perform a Windows restore to a previous backup when everything was working fine.

If you happened to turn off the Windows backups to save space, then as a last resort we suggest trying installing windows from scratch. Often enough a clean install will help you determine if it is a driver issue or hardware fault. Maintaining a healthy and clean PC is crucial if you want to ensure smooth gameplay while pwning noobs. By following the steps above, you should be able to debug any problem with your PC and enjoy consistent FPS throughout your games.

Unverified Accounts. Lifetime Guarantee. Buy With Confidence. Close Unwanted Programs. Richard Heimer Content Writer. Richard is our resident League of Legends player. He knows everything. LoL is a skill like any other, and while playing might make you a bit better, you need to study - fortunately, we've got all the important tips to help you improve right here!

It doesn't matter if you're a hardened veteran or a brand new player - playing the best LoL Champions can vastly improve your game. How do you know what to play?League of legends is probably the only competitor of Dota 2 when it comes to online gaming.

league of legends low fps on good pc

With the huge player base, both games have been going in head to head competition for years. So here is a guide to help optimize graphics settings in the league of legends for best performance and lag-free gameplay.

So what settings can you change in the league of legends? Well, you can change the launcher settings and in-game graphics settings in the league of legends. With this mode enabled your client will use less power and your system will have more resources for league of legends. You can reduce the resolution only as a last resort.

It affects the quality quite a bit especially if you have a large monitor. Full Screen is the best choice for performance and gameplay. You can get a better gaming experience compared to windowed. This setting directly affects the character models in-game.

Medium is recommended. If your game is lagging on medium then switch to Low. Turn it to very low. You will get a good performance boost. Effects give no advantage in gameplay so I recommend lowering it for performance.

Just like effects quality, turn it to very low. This setting does make the game look pretty but gives no advantage in gameplay so I recommend lowering it for performance. This is one of the graphics settings that has the highest impact on performance and FPS in League of legends. Turn it off. This is the fps cap. I recommend setting it at the same value as your monitor refresh rate 60,Hzespecially for laptops. For systems, you can turn if off provided you have a good cooling for your PC.

Otherwise, your system might have heating issues. You will get some jagged edges but there is no helping it. You need to disable anti-aliasing for performance and fps boost in LOL. The difference in visuals is negligible. Turn this off. You need the FPS. You have successfully optimized League of legends for max performance and FPS. If you still are unable to get the lag-free gameplay you need you can try to optimize windows 10 for gaming.

Hopefully, your problem will be solved. If not you need to buy a new system or upgrade the existing one.Check the League of Legends system requirements. Can I Run it? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over 6, games a month. League of Legends is the reigning MOBA king, with more colourful champions than you could hope to become an expert with in a single lifetime.

Thanks to Riot Games and one of the best gaming communities around. You can even find your own champion skin.

league of legends low fps on good pc

League of Legends is far from being a new player in the scene and has continued to be one of the most played games since its inception way back in The staying power of League of Legends as being one of the top games streamed on popular broadcasting sites like Twitch speaks volumes about the fans of this industry-defining MOBA. What is a MOBA you ask?

Low fps on League with RX480 Help pls !

It shares these commonalities with its biggest competitor, DOTA 2but each game has their own playstyle and fans of each will argue that their game is the best! On top of being free to download, the system requirements for League of Legends are extremely accessible. Are you and your PC ready to finally experience one of the longest running multiplayer games? A video card that supports Shader Model 2. It also features a wide variety of options that you can tweak under the graphics settings to greatly improve performance.

The GeForce is a little older than the Radeon HDbut it was designed to be on the higher end when it came out as opposed to a mid range card from a few years later.

Their data about percentage of players still using XP and Vista matches up with the data we've collected as well. Want to use System Requirements Lab on your site? Click here to learn more. League of Legends System Requirements. Can You Run It. System Requirements Lab may earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Spin Rhythm XD. The Grand Heist. ReThink Evolved 4.

Main Assembly Beta. Unbound: Worlds Apart Prologue.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Unturned Store Page. Global Achievements. Spaskee View Profile View Posts. But when i play Unturned when im in game menu my FPS is But when i play singleplayer my FPS is And everything is disabled and everything is shameful on low.

Can someone help me? Is there other way to make FPS bigger? Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Originally posted by Spaskee :. Last edited by TehGuy ; 7 Aug, pm. Originally posted by Arucious :. Originally posted by TehGuy :. Psyctrial View Profile View Posts. I'm sorry. Has any update been released? But i got new graphic card and in menu FPS is and in game its 30 :D.

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If you purchase products after clicking on links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Having problems with a low framerate in League of Legends? First up, the easy stuff—adjusting your in-game video settings from the graphics menu. There are also some minor HUD options that can give you a frame rate boost once disabled. These drivers almost always include integral bug fixes and system optimizations, though, so keeping them current is definitely in your best interest.

What steps you take to update your drivers depends on what brand of GPU you have. All three companies have programs that will quietly run in the background of your computer and ensure that your drivers are always up to date, so get that installed and then never again wonder if your drivers are the problem.

These changes can have a huge impact on your frame rate, but there are too many options to adjust in the configuration file to dig into each one, so peruse it and make changes at your own peril. One of the biggest culprits of resource hogging are browsers, which can occasionally experience memory leaks, hogging up to half a gig of memory at a time.

Here come the no-brainers. But fret not. Even if you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of video card options out there that will allow you to run League of Legends at a higher framerate. But… then you realized that your motherboard is so darn old, no GPU on the market will interface properly with it.

Ultimately, you have quite a few different options to use in order to fix low FPS problems in League of Legends. My guess is that, since League of Legends is not a very demanding game, one of the first three options will solve your problem.

Hit the button below to subscribe! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Tech Guided is supported by its readers. Change In-Game Settings First up, the easy stuff—adjusting your in-game video settings from the graphics menu. Lowering the resolution that game runs at can also give you a big FPS increase.

Get a Whole New Computer Uh-oh. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search Search the site About Us. Privacy Policy. Terms of Service. Affiliate Disclaimer. Contact Us. Cheap Gaming PCs.Tech Guided is supported by its readers. If you purchase products after clicking on links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Not to mention, the game is so easy to run, that even year old systems will have no problem handling it.

However, there are gamers out there who are either switching from console gaming and who need a new system to play LOL with, or gamers who have been struggling to run LOL on an older entry-level laptop at acceptable framerates who need an upgrade.

Fortunately, the minimum and recommend system requirements are incredibly low for running League of Legends. They are:. So, really, the hardware necessary to run League of Legends is incredibly low compared to most other games.

That is mostly because League of Legends is not a game that wins people over with advanced graphics, but rather with its addictive competitive gameplay. More PC Build Options. The table will provide you with some basic specs on the builds, as well as provide you with a link to where you can get all of the parts needed to build the system.

You can also scroll down to see the full part list of each build and read our overviews on what it is capable of. So, if any of the builds listed above are coming in at significantly higher prices than are listed it may be that one or more of the components jumped up in price. Components also go out-of-stock on a regular basis, too. So, if you see anything that is out-of-stock in the builds above, or if the prices have changed, let us know in the comment section below and we will reply with some alternative options.

However, since League of Legends is not very demanding at all, the combination of the i and the RX is more than powerful enough to handle it with ease. So, this build will pair nicely with a budget-friendly P monitor to deliver you an optimal experience in LOL.

The build also comes with 8GB of DDR4 memory, a W power supply that will allow you to add a budget-friendly dedicated graphics card later down the road, a GB hard drive, and a decent micro-ATX case.

Click here for current pricing. Windows 10 is included in the list, but will cost extra—and you will definitely need an operating system one way or another.

The combination of the i and the RX is powerful enough to where it will be able to run even more demanding games at medium-to-max settings on a P monitor with higher framerates. And, if you want to play League of Legends on a higher resolution monitor, this system will be able to do so as well.

So, yes this system will handle League of Legends with no problems. For future upgrade paths, this system would benefit most from adding an SSD to it and then you could also add a second 8GB stick of memory, too.

And, finally, you could upgrade the processor to an Intel Core i later down the road as well. Though, as this build stands right now, it will hold up well for P gaming for at least the next four years—and, probably much longer than that. If you need a solid gaming PC that will handle League of Legends with ease, the three PC builds listed above should work for you.

If you have a different budget than the three options above, then you might want to check out some of our other build guides for more options:.Like lots of computer games nowadays, League of Legends is becoming ever more demanding when it comes to system requirements. However, since the graphics rework a few years ago, the game now requires much higher system requirements and a faster PC.

Nobody enjoys playing a slow, laggy game, not only is it super frustrating but it can also get to the point where the game becomes unplayable. To check your PC is fast enough, we need to look at the League of Legends system requirements. System requirements are a list of components your computer must have if you want any chance of running the game at all. In this section, we will be looking at the minimum and recommended system requirements for League of Legends.

This means looking at the essential computer components required in order to load up summoners rift. The CPU or central processing unit, is the brain of the PC and pumps out billions of calculations and instructions per second. In addition to this the CPU also controls how fast things load and start up.

The faster the CPU the more calculations it can do which means quicker loading times. This processing speed is measured in gigahertz GHz where 1 GHz is equivalent to 1 billion instructions per second. If you want to run League of Legends, then you should have at least a single core running at 2. If you really want the game to run smoothly, then you should consider a quad-core CPU or higher.

Random access memory, or RAM for short is a type of storage on your computer that games are loaded into in order to make them load faster. When you load up League of Legends, millions of files are loaded in the RAM for fast easy access later. The more ram you have the more information can be stored in this fast access memory. Having lots of programs open at once can consume your RAM and cause issues with your computer.

If you want League of Legends to run smoothly then you should be looking for around 4GB or more. Disk space is the drive in your computer that stores data. Unlike RAM, this data is stored permanently but can take a lot longer to open and transfer. Currently, there are 2 types of drives found in computers, mechanical hard drives and solid state hard drives.

Mechanical hard drives are slower as they have moving parts inside but are considerably cheaper than solid state drives. SSDs, on the other hand, are practically better in every single way, not only are they faster, lighter, and more efficient but they can dramatically decrease loading times. The minimum amount of space required for League of Legends is 8GB but be warned, if any new patches come out in the future you might not have room to download them.

The recommended amount of space you should have on your computer is 12GB but realistically the more space you have, the better. The graphics card in your computer is one of the most important components when it comes to playing games. Not only does it power the graphics you see on the screen but it also determines how smoothly the game runs. Ever since the graphics rework, League of Legends requires a much more powerful graphics card than it did before.

If you want the game to load up and not crash before you get to the rift, then you should make sure you have a dedicated graphics card with at least MB of VRAM virtual random access memory. Basically, the better the graphics card you have, the smoother your game will run assuming all your other components are up to scratch. To summarize the minimum League of Legends system requirements, we would recommend having:.

To summarise the recommended League of Legends system requirements we would suggest having:.


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